Friday, July 20, 2012

What is wrong with people?!

Now I know it's Friday and while Im STOKED for the weekend, I have some serious bizzzness we need to discuss.
 So Im assuming y'all have heard about the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting early this morning. If you haven't, a 24 year old guy named James Holmes, kicked in a movie theater exit door wearing a gas mask and released some sort of gas from canisters and then opened fire on the theater. As of right now there are 13 confirmed dead, 50 injured. In that number injured is a 3 month old baby! I was in the middle of running on the treadmill when I was seeing this story on the news, and I had to stop after I heard that. As a mother, or just a decent human being, my stomach flops at hearing a baby was injured. 
I don't get our world anymore or the people in it. Im gonna be real: People need Jesus. Im serious as a heart attack, this world is so broken. You can't go to a movie without fearing some idiot is going to pull something like this. Or you worry about someone being high off bath salts (or whatever that guy was on), and getting your face eaten off! Or as young ladies, we have to worry if someone might try to snatch us up & do God knows what to us. Or these mothers I hear about who had no business even owning a uterus! Only 1 man can save us. He DID save us, and 1 day, He will be back again. 
Please keep the people of Colorado in your prayers. Pray for the families of the victims and those fighting to make it through their injuries. 


Amber said...

Amen, girl. This is so scary. A couple of college towns in Alabama have had mass shootings at bars lateley. Makes me wanna stay home forever.

erin said...

I know, I felt sick to my stomach when I read about that poor baby. This world is broken, indeed. Praise God that he's the ultimate Fixer.