Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Besties Dirty 30th

Hey everyone! Sorry for the glitch in accessing my blog the other day. I had to take it offline for a day or two due to a crazy ex family member. I took it down just to reevaluate what I want to be public, but lets be real, Im a stay at home young mother. My blog is not THAT interesting so if I have any stalkers, you must be pretty bored. 

Anywhoooot, this past weekend was my Besties 30th Birthday! So we planned a weekend getaway where all our kids would stay at their grandparents house and we'd have some fun sans kids and responsibilities!
We headed down bright and early Saturday morning and went straight to the Winchester Mystery Mansion. If y'all have never been, it's pretty interesting. Basically, it was the house of Sarah Winchester. As in Winchester firearms and all the other bajillion things they had their hands in. Anywhooot, Sarah Winchester sounds like she was a paranoid crazy lady who kept adding on to the house with confusing type rooms and features, as to confuse the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle. You know, for when those spirits decided to attack her. So she had her workers build doors that opened up to a wall, staircases that led to ceilings, bedroom doors that you would open and if you took 1 step, you'd fall to your death since these said doors were built to open up to the side of the house. We weren't allowed to take any pics, but I found some online for y'all. This chick even had sayaunces to communicate with spirits so she could please them with her add ons to the house. Whatever they "told her" to build, she built it. Straight nutso if you ask me. 
Jenni's uncle is a big deal down in San Jose, so he got us VIP at the comedy club, Improv for Saturday night. Sort of kicking our wild night off with some laughs. And srrrrsly, MAJOR laughs. The main attraction was Michael McDonald from MadTv. You know, "Stuuuuuart"
Ladies, he was SOOOOOO funny. He did this bit about his mom who hates cats which had me crying and doing the silent seal clap laugh. 
After we got some laughs and adult bevies in us, we headed out on the town and laughed & drank the night away. Even ran into some chick who came up to us all creepy like and was stalking our lounge area, telling us how funny the face in the hole app is? I put a question mark because it was so puzzling. Obviously this chick had 1 too many cosmos & was endless entertainment. 
Being the oldies we are, we were back in our fancy shmancy hotel by midnight. Speaking of our hotel, have y'all ever heard of a pantry raid? Its where the hotel has this little snack area with supplies to make sandwiches, an area of cookies, fruits, peanut butter, etc. So you can could just walk in there and make yourself as many midnight sandwiches as you wanted. 
The next day we headed to Six Flags. Now, I have been so excited about this part of the trip. I LOVE roller coasters. I could ride them all day long. So you can imagine my shock when my body decided I was too old for them, and decided they cause motion sickness. What the heck?! I rode my 1st roller coaster and once that baby came to a complete stop, I wanted to ralf. So we tracked down some Dramamine and it STILL didn't work. I swear, my body is dead set on being sick with any sorta motion other than a straight walk or run. I cannot even go on a tour boat of the SF bay without being stuck down in the NASTIEST rusty ship bathrooms on my hands and knees, face in the NASTY toilet bowl, puking for the whole 2 hours. True story. No idea how those fellas on Deadliest Catch handle all the tossing and turning. 
So after catching the Dolphin show and eating ridiculous amounts of fattening, but delicious food, we took the 2 hour drive back home. 
My body is STILL detoxing from all that food. You ever just eat so much crap, you don't have any interest in eating? That has been me all week so far. My body is so not happy with the amount I ate, I've been feeling sick all week and I still continue to go to the gym. I aint takin it easy whatsoever.
Now for the picture overhaul!
Don't we look puuurdy in our hard hats?! Headed towards the supposedly haunted place of the mansion - the basement!

Getting ready for the night - middle of teasing my huuuur

Again, me mid tease. Sterotypical girl pictures aka bathroom pics

Heading out with my luva

Again, this man was HILAR

Table full of fun

Drinky Drinks!

The Bfast after the celebration night. Seriously, best breakfast EVER! The food was like something you'd see on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives

Lovebirds for life

After we paid $18 to park and waiting 20 minutes in the traffic, we were walking and saw this smarty saving a spot. Apparently he wanted attention cause he striking poses as he talked on his phone.

We were SOAKED after the Rapid Waters ride. Not fun walking around in skinny jeans when their shrink wrapped to your legs. 

Drying out at the Dolphin show

 And we're out...


Amber said...

OMG it looks like y'all had so much fun!!! I want all of that food in mu belly like now. And that huge mimosa. k, thanks. I would never in a million years have done that haunted house tour. I am the biggest scaredy cat you have ever known. I mean, what if the spirits jumped in your purse and came home with you????? eeeeeekkkk I am dying over here. Anyway. Don't ever stop being so damn beautiful, girl. MUAH!