Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another 4.34 miles DOWN!

{Please ignore the heinous roots, I am getting that taken care of before Mexico - poor husband comes home to a wife who isn't a REAL blonde - THE HORROR!!!!}

That post preggo body can suck it!! I am on fiya when it comes to running these days ladies. Confession - haven't been to the gym allllll week. BUT, I have ran on average 4 miles a day (except Tuesday cause it was raining..or was that Wednesday? Can't remember - mommy brain). I break it up - roughly 1.5 miles in the AM with the hubbinator, and then I do roughly 3 miles on my own later on in the afternoon. The days I haven't run with Nick, I run in 2 sessions on my own, about 2-2.5 miles at a time. It's not easy, but it's gonna be worth it, right? Right!

Hope your Thursday is going just as fabulously as mine. It's almost Friday, Woot Woot!! I am ready for my special someone to be home longer than a few hours. Oh and this weekend is gonna be GORGEOUS, and in the 70's straight across the board? Yes please!!

...... plus we're going to go look at some houses - more on that lata!


Anonymous said...

Look at you, hot mama! Way to go with the running!

erin said...

You go, girl! Do you use the jogging stroller with your afternoon runs? How do you like it? I took mine out with Charlotte today, just for a walk, and I did a little jogging with it. I think it's going to be TOUGH for me to jog at all, much less pushing a stroller. Ugh!

Have fun looking at houses. That's exciting!

Raven said...

you know, you really need to stop this. I've told you before but you are NOT helping my ego! I want to be like YOU!!!
and no my Thursday was not just as fabulous as your as seeing that you ran 4 miles and I sat on my a$$ and ate like crap. You are making me feel horrible about myself. :(

Ok how I REALLY feel is that people choose what they want and I dont feel sorry for anyone (including ME) and I know I need to get my butt in gear and bite the bullet and WORK OUT! You can be my inspiration :)

ben+alex said...

wow that is awesome!! way to go! i wish i were that determined!

i just found your blog and love it.
new follower..


Running Girl said...

Awesome job on the running! And, jealous of the sunshine. It's cold, cold, cold in Washington!

Annie said...

YAY for doing awesome on the runs!!! you rock girly!!
on another note, i'm TOTALLY jealous of your weather! it is snowing here right now! :( i could almost depressing.
excited to hear about your house news!! :)
have a great weekend sweets!

Ashley said...

4 miles a day is awesome! My babies won't stay in the jogging stroller for more than two miles and it's so frustrating. You look great, good for you!

Breanna said...

I love that forcast!! Since the older one has spring break this coming up week, we will be at the park like every day soaking up all that sun!!!

Jen said...

Girl you are rockin it! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Sunny weather? You suck. It's rain, rain, rain here.