Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yeeeeea Buddy

2.21 miles logged this morning. My legs felt like lead! I'm guessing it's the stress that comes with trying to buy a foreclosure. This darn house better come through for us.

I ain't got much meat and potatoes for ya'll since not much is new around the California Dreamin' household. So lets catch up with the normal people in life: Celebrities.
Kristen Cavallari and her long time boyfriend (long time = 8 months!) Jay Cutler (used to play for my Broncos. He's a cry baby. He plays for the Bears and is doing pretty good. Whatev) are engaged. At first I thought they made an odd pair, but now I kinda dig em'. I loathed Kristen when she was on Laguna Beach and The Hills. Now, I like her. The girl is gorgeous in my opinion. If you like that super petite, perfect body, blonde hair sorta deal. And obviously, Mr. Cutler does

Ryan Philippe has thrown out the idea that he is going to quit acting. Oh really Mr. Ex Witherspoon? Cause your in such high demand and the pressures of Hollywood are getting to you? How many breakthrough movies have YOU been in since Cruel Intentions? Which btw, you were only in that movie cause you filled out a wife beater quite nicely. Pu-leeeeeease. Your gorgeous kid, but that's all you got goin for you..oh and you made cute kids with Reese, who lets not forget, you cheated on with your average looking costar. How.Dare.YOU!

The Royal Wedding is 3 days away. It honestly intrigues me. You gotta think how much Kate is having to absorb right now. All those royal advisers teaching her what it takes to be a princess. It's all so "old" to me. As in history. The traditions they have to be filling her in on, have got to date back to the beginning. I'm just jealous she gets to roam the halls of Windsor or some other castle she fancies. I will have my DVR set to record every second of this wedding.


Anonymous said...

I will definitely watch the wedding too. Maybe it's the little girl dreaming of marrying a prince in me, but hey, whatever! :)

Tricia said...

good luck with the house!

Breanna said...

My husband is a huge bears fan. I am with you about Kristen, I hated her on LB & The Hills. But she is very gorgeous! I'm excited for the royal wedding too!!

How about this weather!?! Its freaking amazing!

Meredith said...

Love your comments about Kristin and Jay. lol and Ryan too. SO TRUE though. Good luck with the house and I've already got my dvr set for Royal Wedding Countdown shows and the real deal.