Monday, April 11, 2011


Running with the mister is going well. Well, as good as any day numero uno can be. We ran 1.64 miles (according to RunKeeper app) and I am super impressed for a guy who hasn't run a day since June 2006. My man despises running. Who can blame him, it's not for everyone and even sometimes I curse running under my breath. Call me crazy, but I need more than 1.64 miles in my day. So I will be adding my own run later tomorrow afternoon that's at least 2.5 miles. Don't need to remind you all of my upcoming Mexico getaway coming up. Not only that, but it's gonna be Summer before I know it and will look much better in my bikini with less jiggle. My goal is to be where I was pre-pregnancy by my bday (Sept 27th). I got out of the shower this morning after the run and checked myself out in the mirror. Don't lie ladies, we all do it. We flex different ab muscles or turn certain ways to examine (or pick at ourselves) and see how the ol' body is looking. I am not too upset with how I'm looking and I personally think I'm close to how I was pre pregnancy. I turned to Nick and the convo went like this:
Me: "Baby, please give me your HONEST opinion. How do I look?"
Nick: "You look really good. You just had a baby 2.5 months ago!"
Me: "But how do I look as a woman. Not just as a woman who just gave birth?"
Nick: "Baby, you look great and way better than most girls"
Me: "Do you think I'm close to where I was pre pregnancy? Cause I think I am" <-- Honestly, what smart man would answer "No"?
Nick: "Very close"

*Siiiiiigh* So I'm close, but if I can be back to where I was pre pregnancy and have my running endurance totally back by then, I'll be thrilled. Like I've mentioned before, I got a half marathon to run by fall, so having my stamina back is gonna take some work.

Other than the run in the morning, T money and I went to my mom and dad's house to see mi madre (HI MAMACITA!!). It was such a gorgeous day, so we ventured out for a walk in the country and it was really nice like always. We even made friends with a few pigs down the road. You won't get that in the city.


Raven said...

UUUGHHH!!! Here you go making me jealous with that whole running thing again!! And almost back to normal with a 2.5 month old BABY? I might have to not like you very much for now. Ok but answer me this, what is your diet like? Do you eat pretty healthy? Do you ever drink (gulp) pop, and more importantly, do you drink any alcohol at all? Only reason I ask is because wine is my downfall, and EVERYONE tells me if I stop drinking it (I'm not an alcoholic or anything haha!) that I will lose weight instantly. I reeeeeeally don't want to believe that's true.