Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get up and Shake your Ass - Country style

I'm in a pretty darn good morning today - I did NOT go to the gym this morning. And since I'm being honest, I didn't go yesterday either. So only Monday has happened. Honestly girls, I AM motivated. I DO want to go to the gym. My passion for working out hasn't gone's just soooooo hard to get up at 4:30AM when I was just up at 2:30AM feeding Troy. Every morning I have to try and pry my eyes open. I told Nick he has to not let me sleep in anymore. So I'm setting the real alarm clock tonight for 4:30 instead of my phone. Then I'll go to the gym Friday and Saturday which will make up for my slacking on Tuesday and today. Although, I have plans of going and seeing my Bestie Jenni today and then I want to come back home and break in the jogging stroller for a mile or two. Just cause I love her, aren't we a crazy pair?

Wish me luck! Maybe this song will get me up and running

Happy Wednesday ladies!!