Friday, April 1, 2011

What's Happenin This Weekend

Well first off, it's gonna be GORGEOUS for the new few days - mid to low 70's and today's high? 81 people!! The N-mesiter and little dude are planning a nice walk this evening before dinner. The windows are open and we're soaking it up. We had literally 2 weeks of crappy rain, blah! But now? Hello Spring weather!
Yesterday mi madre and I hit up the most amazing store that sells anything from family size packs of maple syrup to fresh seafood on the weekends...I am talking about Costco of course!

Seriously, you go in there for just a couple things and you walk into a MAYJA' booby trap trickery! You don't even need that 20 pack of staplers, but for $23.99, there is just no beating it! I've been eyeing their swimsuits for a couple of weeks now, and since Mexico is comin up, I gotta get me somethin to wear. So I finally settled on the many swimsuits I'll collect for Mexico/Summer 2011.

Cute, right? The top is reversible, but my mom can't understand why someone would want "BILLABONG" on their boob.

It's fabulous marketing, mom, DUH! Those Billabong peeps know their shizz. So this is hanging in my closet (even tho it should be on the fridge) and it's giving me motivation to turn down "The Big Carl" over at Carls Jr. and deciding on the grilled chicken salad instead. Which happened today thank you very much. Today I wanted to head over to the office (aka, the gym) and pump out an XBike class, a few miles on Tread and some weights. But my back had other plans. My sciatic nerve is acting up once again so I'm resting it so I can be in tip top shape for the gym next week. Karli isn't messin around anymore, so Im gettin my arse in gear with workouts and this back mumbo jumbo just doesn't jive with moi.
This weekend, I'm planning on HOPEFULLY getting a workout in, but definitely walks if I can't. Then I plan on hitting up the tanning beds for the first time of the 2011 season. Go ahead and judge me all you want and tell me how I'm going to lay in a cancer coffin, but I just won't listen :-). I need SOME sort of exposure before Mexico or else I will be burnt crispy...not a good look. Some color will boost my self confidence too and Nick HATES when I use the self tanner, so Im going with plan B (thanks to my dad for buying me a nice little package at the tanning salon).
Other than that, it's relaxing all the way for moi and our fam bam. Have a FABULOUS weekend ladies & I hope it's sunny in your part of the world!


Katie said...

Ooooo that suit is really cute!!

Jealous of your weather.

The Jogger Blogger said...

Oh my....I can't imagine me in that suit for a long, long is so cute, though!

I so wish we had a Costco nearby. Jealous!