Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Denver, GORGEOUS! Ahh, the Sunshine State"

Im back loves! Y'all can breathe easy now :)

So as you all know, my MIL got married this past weekend (congrats to the 2 lovebirds!) and Nick and I flew with Troy over to good ol' Denver, Colorado to help celebrate that day. Lemme fill y'all in on how it all went. 

As you all may remember, I had a terrible experience flying with Troy (15 months old at the time) to visit good ol' North Cackalacky back in May. So I was still traumatized and dreading this (short) 2 hour flight to Denver. The result? Not too shabby! Im not sure if we just caught Troy on a good day, or he's a much wiser 18 month old and he's learned to chill in the past 3 months or what. But Nick and I had a pretty easy time with him. Of COURSE the flights were full, but we still managed to keep Troy happy with coloring on my arms in his coloring books, watching some Blues Clues or Fresh Beat Band or playing with his apps. He was even content looking out the window for 5 minutes at a time which is HUGE considering this kid doesn't sit still for nothin. The flight home was easy peasy after we knocked him out. And by knocking him out I mean putting him in a straight jacket hold against his will and singing "Amazing Grace" in his ear while he is fighting me tooth and nail. So he slept the entire 4 hour flight back home which included a stop in Burbank. Next flight is in October to Mexico, which is a longer flight, so I will be drinking at the airport to prepare for the flight praying for a month straight that all goes well. 

Denver is seriously breath taking! And that's not just cause of the altitude change. If I didn't have roots in California, I would seriously consider living in Colorado (or Texas, just cause I miss Southern hospitality). Everywhere you look, you see the Rockies in the background. The weather was perfect for a wedding/visit. It got to be about high 80's/low 90's with a nice cool breeze & at night it'd cool on down to where I could have worn a sweat shirt. 

With all this wedding stuff happening, Nick and I were talking about how  much fun it'd be to do a vow renewal for our 10 year (2.5 years away) anniversary. Which got ME excited, cause we totally skipped the white wedding, and headed to the San Diego County Clerk office on Valentines day 2005, and made it official. I don't feel like I missed out on blowing my parents retirement fund the whole big wedding. My parents threw us a fun reception and I've been happy ever since. BUUUUT, that doesn't mean we wouldn't love to have a small ceremony to reaffirm our love in front of family and friends. Nothing huge or even expensive, but I WILL be wearing a white dress. Obviously, not a wedding dress, but there will be a white lacy dress on this body and I will be white lily's. Not that I have anything planned or anything. Also, since we never had a honeymoon (unless you count Nick being a fantastic model of a US citizen and going to Iraq for our 1st year of marriage), so immediately after the renewal party (duh! Theres gotta be a little party afterwards), we want to be whisked away to somewhere tropical. Hawaii has been the destination we've talked about since neither of us have been & hear nothing but great things. Also hear it's expensive, so we shall be saving for that ASAP. 

And now for a picture dump, WHOOP WHOOP! These pics uploaded all kinds of backwards, but here we go:

My sweet love on the "EEE EEEE". Thats the sound the horsey makes, and thats what he refers to them as. 

 Warming up to the dance floor

This cake was AWESOME and tasted so light although my thighs will tell you different. White chocolate cake, lemon and raspberry filling.

After the ceremony and trying to take group pictures, but someone just doesn't want to sit still

The Bride and Groom

Nicky poo was impressed by my sock bun, so he had to take a pic. He said it looked like it was swirled the way I did it....thats just cause I was in a hurry, my love. Its not supposed to be like that :)

 Rehearsal dinner/drinking fun

 Stoping to smell the roses at a garden/park

These lilly pads were so cool...and giant!

 This move is called "The Troy": wide stance, head down, squat, and throw your arms behind you

On the dance floor with mommy

Dancing with the Bride (aka Grandma)

Running away from his biggest fan momma

He was mesmerized by the drums


erin said...

Great pics! I have heard Colorado is beautiful and would love to go there someday.

What apps does Troy like? I've thought of getting some for Char, but I just really have no idea what would even be appropriate at her age.

Amber said...

I did not know TPain was only 3 months older than Aubree! Can you believe she is not walking yet!!?? I love your bun and I need to know where you got that dress!!! It is beautiful! Looks like yall had fun and I think a vow renewal with the whole shebang is a great idea!!! MUAH!!!