Wednesday, August 1, 2012

E.L.F makes me want to watch Elf

Totally random header, I know, but let me explain - I am taking all your girls reviews of E.L.F cosmetics to heart, and got myself some. When I saw the E.L.F sign at Target however, I said (in my head of course) "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" Yeah I know, Im random. 

I knew I wanted to try this brand. After seeing a ton of y'all talking about how you love the price & the product, I was sold. We are a 1 income family, so money saving is sorta my thang. I needed 2 things - bronzer and a concealer brush. Believe it or not, I have never owned a concealer brush, and since I was sick of having concealer on my fingers, I thought why not? 

Now that you know what I NEEDED, here is what I walked away with:
Elf Bronzer, Elf High Definition Powder, Elf Concealer Brush

Being the GIRL that I am, I had plans on trying these bad boys out that day. As in, right when Troy when down for a nap. So after T Pain was down, I laid out in the sun a bit, showered, and then was ready to do my face. Now, I've only used these products once, but I am liking them so far. The bronzer goes on SUPER evenly, which was a problem I've had before. Sometimes my previous bronzer would go on heavier in some areas of my face than others and I ended up looking like someone pimp handed me with a handful of dirt. *Note: Now that I right this, it reminds me, I also purchased the full face ELF brush. Soft has kitten fur and I felt like it was the helping hand in applying everything evenly* I have been known to break out with certain bronzers & have been using Physicians Formula for a few years now, so I hope this stuff doesn't make me break out. The HD powder is something I've been hearing about for-ev-eeerrrr. I REALLY like this stuff. At $3 a pop, I was very happy. It gives this sorta glow to your face that I think will majorly compliment smokey eyes on date nights (one of my favorite looks). Im going to have to play around with it more *thats what she said*, and put it on a couple areas of my face and not just  my cheek bones. Lastly, the concealer brush. Since I've never owned one of these before, I have nothing to compare it to. It did the job, but I think I need to learn exactly how much concealer I need to start out with. Cause I just eyeballed it and put some on the brush, and it ended up to be way too much and I wasted some of the concealer. But it did the job, and I found I was able to get under my eyes much better than when I was using my finger.

I definitely want to go get some more stuff, but I will slowly build my supply up on an as needed bases. I've only ever used liquid eyeliner on my top lids, but I've seen people rave about their eye liner pots that comes with an angled brush, so I might have to try that out, but that's gonna have to take a steady hand and a sober self ;)

***This post was not sponsored by ELF nor was I given free products (but I'll take them!). This was my own trial of ELF******


Breanna said...

I LOVE elf!!!

Amber said...

T Pain...dying. I have never used anything elf but I have heard it is good and now you are telling me it is good so....I must try it! Thanks pretty mama!!