Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm dreamin of a white...Christmas....just like the one's I've never known

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

Being the true Californian that I am, I have never had a white Christmas. N brags about them all the time, him being a Colorado native and all. I would love to wake up and see this outside my window

But I am going to have to settle for this

I don't mind it though- I just love that its Christmas!! And really its not settling cause I think its still gorgeous at my parents house on Christmas. Oh and the back room in my parents house where the other half, Tread Mill lives? It was calling my name and it was letting me know it was the winter season by welcoming me with a 50 degree hello. I finally started to warm up on mile 2 when I wanted to just call it good, when I started to think of the motivation I had when I started this little run. A picture I had seen of The Hills star herself, Ms. Kristin Cavallari:

True, there is no real definition to her, but I think her body is pretty attainable & I think she just represents the ultimate California girl (w/out the bitchy attitude)

On my day 2 of unemployment, I slept in till the wonderful peaceful hour of 9 am! It was SO nice. After I got the hubb's off and running to work to make me money so that I can relax and eat bon bon's all day while yelling at the crazies on Jerry Springer, I decided that I should eat something myself so I have enough fuel for the 4 mile run I had planned. While spacing out to E! True Hollywood Story of JLo, there was a Macy's commercial that got me SO excited for Christmas shopping! Having to slow down on my shopping and Christmas present buying is the worse part about being unemployed. True, I know Christmas is not about the presents, but still, getting presents is something I really enjoy & it gets me in the Christmas spirit. Our Christmas tree on Christmas morning has ALWAYS looked like something out of A White house Christmas story

And yes, we have to hire Clydesdales to cart our Christmas tree's

What do you all want for Christmas? Santa, I've been a really good girl this year. If you could just bring me some new black nike shox size 9.5, a new peacoat size M that looks like the one below (its at Gap, Santa :D ), and a new snowboarding jacket from North End (size L preferably a red and white color, but the green and white is nice too). Oh and since I am unemployed Santa, N just won't understand why I HAD to have Crest whitening strips, so that would be awfully nice too.