Friday, December 25, 2009

K, I take that back

So I know I said I wouldn't blog until tomorrow, but I before I log off for the rest of the day, I am watching True Life on MTV (Very Christmasy, right?) and it got me thinking. I have lost 30lbs (thank you sparkpeople!!!) from exercising and tracking my calories to a 'T'. The heaviest I ever was in my life was at least 185. Beyond that, I never weighed myself. I am watching the True Life about wanting to lose weight and for some reason it just gets me super motivated. True, I have lost 30 lbs. I am a personal trainer and I have educated myself in fitness as well as nutrition, but I for some reason want to push myself (the competitive side in me). So since N and I will be starting a family in the next coming months, I am determined to get in the best shape possible. I am healthy now, but I want to get super toned. N loves me to pieces no matter what size and to quote him "I look smokin hot" and "bangin", but I want to get to the best shape possible so after I have kids, its easier to get in the best shape possible. I will never forget a quote from Heidi Klum when a reporter asked her, " Stay at home mom's all over America would love to know, how they can get the body you have after 4 kids". Her answer? "Well it depends what sort of shape you were in before. If you were 30lbs overweight before you got pregnant, you can't expect to be where I am" It wasn't word for word that, but pretty darn close. So Heidi, I am taking your advice and I can only get on my knees and pray to Jesus that I look like you after kids. N and I move into our new place January 9th, so I will be able to have super fast Internet again which will in turn let me track my calories accurately on sparkpeople again. So lovely readers of my blog- that's my resolution. More details to come, but that's the basis of it.

O and PS- since being back in the Cali-for-ni-A, I have gotten to my original goal weight baby! Snaps for Karli!

Merry Christmas!!