Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big news, big changes

Today's work out consisted of 3.4 miles on my boyfriend, Tread and boy was it good to see him! I haven't seen him on a regular basis in a few months since I've been working and by the time I get home, I don't have time. BUT I have time now! Wanna know whyyy? I am now unemployed! EEEEK. Long story short, the company I worked for has to sell the company cause they weren't doing too well. Truthfully (since this is MY blog and after all its more of a diary, so why not keep it real witcha), My first intital reaction was to cry. However, after that first 2 seconds of shock wore off, I started to realize that out of all the people who work there, I am the most fortunate. I only had 8 people in my office, including myself, and I am the only who who isn't a single mother, isn't expecting a baby, isn't the main source of income for their family, and isn't responsible for paying a mortgage/rent. Its easy to look at the bad sad of things when things like this happen. Sure N and I won't be able to move into our apartment YET (but we will, don't you worry. That same complex too), but really I need to buck up and know that things could always be worse. On top of that, this blogger believes that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Good or bad, there is always a reason and being the Christian that I am, I am trusting God has a plan for me people! Can I get an Amen?!?!?!

This up side of this is that I finally get to sleep in and thank God for that, because my body has been battling something like nothing before for the past 2 weeks. My bodies defense system is Chuck Norris and this bug is an enemy about to be broken down!

Oh and another amazing benefit for being unemployed? I get to run till my legs fall off when I feel inclined to run and workout. Today, I hit the rubber belt for a sweet and easy 3.4 miles! Yes people, I can wake up and take my sweet ass time and lounge until that running bug hits me and I can either choose between a session with Tread OR I can take my motivated butt to the gym! AH HA! Love the word: CHOOSE- You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be milking my unemployment until I find work. That's another thing- back to the craigslist, careerbuilder, monster, snagajob ads 24/7. Back to starting a new job and getting familiar with people again, BLAH! It'll be okay, things could always be worse right?