Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I spoke to a lady in the HR department of the company I interviewed at today and she said that I will be getting the job!!! EEEEK!! It hasn't been offically named MY position yet, but she said I would be getting a call from her later on this week or beginning of next week to confirm pay and benefits and all of that great stuff. So either way, before the new year starts, I will have a new job(praise the Lord above!!) I have been thinking a lot about how 2009 has evolved: started my health and fitness kick (and by kick I mean a David Beckham wammy), started and completed my personal training school and passed my test with a high score, packed our apartment and moved all the way across the country to our home, N accepted a good and stable job from a very prestigous company, I accepted a job at a small/fun CPA firm, was then laid off due to unforseen (to me and employers at least) events that occured, threw Bestie since we were 4 years old a successful baby shower, N and I getting our apartment that we l-o-v-e, starting a new job at reputable company and the year isn't done yet! The family "issues" that have happend, have been blessings in disguise for my family and I am thankful that.

Anoter big change - my heeeeeer. I started this year as a brunette, went to blonde, went back to brunette, and am now making my way back to blonde! I am so so so excited and I have a feeling that I will be a blonde for some time since N and I have some "plans" for what 2010 will be bringing :) BABIES *cough cough* I am more than ecstatic. We will be coming up to our 5 year wedding anniversary and N and I are more than ready to start our own family.