Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am sitting here in my cozy home in front of a warm fire with Daisy Mae because its 38 degrees this Tuesday night! It's so funny that people (other than Californian's) think its 80 degrees all over CA all year round.

So today was a tough (no idea why it was tough) 3 mile run followed by 55 minutes of yoga. Right when I heard the teacher talk, I got a shiver down my spine- I knew it was going to be a good class. Some people go to yoga for the flexibility benefits, some people go for the "yogi" experience, and I? I go for the goosebumps and relaxation. Its the last pose that you end all yoga classes with- corpse pose.

The teacher, or master as the yogi's call them, will generally talk you through your "cool down" or relaxation period after stretching and holding your body in intense poses for an extended period of time. It's a way to thank your body for being so strong- I on the other hand prefer to thank my body by getting in an extra hour or 2 of sleep (or stopping on the way home from the gym for a Superstar from Carl's Jr).

Tomorrow I am going with my sister to finish our Christmas shopping, and then let the fun begin! Christmas Eve day we have a bunch of family coming over for an early dinner and presents, and then on Christmas, the fam is waking up at the bright and early time of 3 AM! WHEWY!! My sister is making a delish breakfast crock pot recipe and I will be making Fiber One blueberry muffins.

Oh so N and I also decided what we are doing for New Years Eve. Get ready for this wild night I'm about to describe. Are you sitting down? Do you have a brown lunch bag near the computer just in case? N and I are staying home from New Years Eve!!! We've done the whole going downtown and staying out till the early hours of the morning and we've done just doing the small house party thing too. Been there, and got the T-shirt. So we decided since my mom will be all by herself on NYE (brother and dad go north for hunting & niecy poo & sister will be in NC), we'd take her out to dinner and a movie. Some people like to ring in their year by making out with a total stranger and then proceeding to the nearest toilet (or vase), to puke every liquid and solid they've had, but I prefer to ring it in with a little guac (or mucho guac if I'm being honest) and MUCHO margaritas.