Monday, November 1, 2010

November already?

It's Monday...ugh
I cannot believe it's November 1st already! My November isn't too packed or anything, but there are some fabulous things happening:
6th (this Saturday): I have my hunters safety course -- yes it's made for 12 year olds, but being raised around hunting, it's about time I get it together
8th: The hubbinator and I meet/interview/consult with Troy's possible pediatrician. I'm actually really excited to do this. I don't know about 'interviewing' per say, but I do have a question or two. After that, we have my OB appointment where I will NOT have gained 7.5lbs (or more)
10th: Stork tour!!! So excited about this. We get to see the birthing suites and are shown around the labor and delivery area
13th: Hair appointment-- getting a trim and more highlights. I never realized how different pregnancy makes my hair. Either the color doesn't stay as much or it's just growing out super fast. Also my hair is much drier than normal. Fabulous. NOT!
25th: THANKSGIVING!!! Which means a day off as well as eating some yummy grub
26th: BLACK FRIDAY!! Will I go shopping? Most likely, but only if the sales are worth it. I am more of a clothes kinda gal rather than electronics, so if Kohls has some sales going on or Victoria's Secret, I'm there. Also a day off for moi!
29th: Nick and I start our birth classes, woo hoo!! Bring on the dramatic breathing and jaw relaxing moans and awkward videos!

Also coming with November? Day light savings. We set our clocks back 1 hour starting this upcoming weekend. I could most def use an extra hour of sleep, I'm pooped by the time I leave the gym in the evenings. Speaking of which, with the OB appointment coming up on Monday, I'll be doin my 2-a-days everyday this week, (with the exception of Thursday=cleaning day) and skipping my mocha on Friday. Last night I may have had 6 fun size butterfingers along with a peanut butter cup and a pumpkin cookie?



Tricia said...

hope your appointment goes well!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love November!

erin said...

I can't believe it's November, either!

And I may have had a run-in with a few mini Reese's cups this weekend... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karli!
I rarely (maybe even never, now that I think about it.. oops!) comment, but have been reading (and LOVING!) your blog for about a year now. First of all I just wanted to say congratulations on how healthy your pregnancy seems to be going! You really are an inspiration in terms of how to stay healthy, happy, fit and active throughout pregnancy. I’m sure it doesn’t always come easily to you, but you remain so optimistic – which is amazing. That being said, and honestly I almost hesitate to even write this, I just wanted to say that is really is o.k. to let yourself indulge a little bit. I know you’ve mentioned numerous times that you definitely do, but it seems like lately the weight gain/body changes may be starting to really get to you. And honestly I know EXACTLY how that feels. I did a little modeling before my having my three children, and became almost infatuated with my weight during my first pregnancy. You’re definitely nowhere NEAR where I was, but it just seems like you have some of the same tendencies that I did. Anyway, I know I’m a complete stranger and I obviously in NO way want this to seem critical or judgmental, because that’s not how I mean it all. I’m just saying cut yourself a little slack! You’re doing an awesome job, and I know you’re going to be a great mom!


Shannon said...

New follower...looking forward to following along your journey! I can't believe it's November already either! And kudos to you for hitting the shops on Black Friday. I never have the guts or patience to deal with the crowds! I try to have all my shopping done before Thanksgiving, better get busy!