Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bachelorette BS

So lets discuss Mr. Bentley from the Bachelorette, shall we? What the heck is up with this dude?! All his smug comments on how he was never attracted to Ashley and how he was hoping it was going to be "the breaktaking Emily". All I have to say is thank God Emily wasn't the Bachelorette because if he was the douche he's being now to my St. Emily, I would really be upset.

So yeah, he told Ashley he's leaving and he left. He was PLAYING her! And she fell for it! I'm sorry, but this is showing that girls are so easy to play....okay, okay, sometimes we ARE puddy in guys hands, but this McDouchster was ridiclous. He was constantly teling the camera how he doesn't care about Ashley. Oh and the kicker? How he says at the end that he's gonna make Ashley cry, but he hopes his hair looks okay.

And whats up with him telling Ashley it was all his daughter that made him want to come home, when he told the cameras it has NOTHING to do with him missing his daughter. I can't wait till the reunion when we get to hear what Ashley says. OMG, and what the heck was up with the hornball hugging Ashley and saying they were in a perfect position to " start something"?! EWWWWW what a slime ball. Ugh, I want to get in the octagon with this mo fo.
On a side note - St. Emily is on the market again. Her and Bachelor Brad are dunzo. From what I hear, he had a MAYJA anger issue and it made her hesitant to move to Texas. I want HER to be on the next Bachelorette.

On another side note - I am really digging JP. He seems the most genuine and Im happy he got some one on one time with her


erin said...

I haven't been watching regularly, but I did watch last night and just could NOT believe Bentley! I hope no woman ever wants to date him after that episode aired. And how in the world he thought being a total sleaze on national TV would be good for his business is beyond me!

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh, I couldn't agree more with this entire post!!! I wanted Emily to the Bachelorette, Brad doesn't deserve her. I said the same things about Bentley in my post, he was really pissing me off last night and you're right, Ashley got played and played right into his hand. Can't wait till the reunion show!!

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

Umm I have a secret TV crush on JP..{guess its not a secret anymore}... hubs gets mad, cuz he looks just like my ex.

anywho.. what I was really mad dog angry about was.. that he kept saying "it's becuase of my daughter, my little princess at home}

Fash Boulevard said...

love JP. But i just feel so bad for Ashley. I really want William to be the right guy, but I just don't know. thanks for another amazing post love. please swing by for all the latest celebrity fashion news as well as see pics of my latest celebrity trend report. would love the support. xoxo


Raven said...

I LOVE how everyone is discussing the bachelorette, cause I was SO not going to watch, cause I did NOT like Ashley, I thought she was a whiny little thing, but I tivoed the first episode and was hooked!!

Emily is gorgeous. nuff said.

exactly. Girls are SO easy to play. so I say? if you are as dumb as Ashley, more power to guys like Bentley! seriously.

my sisters bf went on a date with bentley a few years ago. Needless to say, she said there was "no second date"

I wish Emily and Brad had worked out :(

JP is MY pick! from the start! we must have the same taste in guys :)

Kristin said...

Brad seems like a strange dude... hoping Emily finds better

Shann said...

JP is my favorite too! If he's the next Bachelor.... I'm signing up!