Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Review

Hey girls! So I've been a busy busy bee for sure which explains the lack of posts. So lets start with the house- We are currently in escrow on a house we LOVE and it couldn't be more perfect, so we've been trying hard not to get our hopes up until closing day :) It's been a lot of back and forth with our lender and underwriters and our realtor and the seller. But things are coming along, and if all goes well, by the end of this month, we should be homeowners, EEK! So excited. Tell me this garden isn't adorable?! My mamacita will have to show me how to do roses- I have NEVER gardened, but have always wanted a little garden

This weekend was my dear friend Lisa's wedding. I left Troy with Nick and got plenty of text pics of my little man being what he is good at being - ADORABLE! I missed them both so much. Call me lame, but I don't like being away from my hubbs for more than a night. It was so much fun being with just girls for the weekend though. I saw 2 of my really good friends that Lisa and I grew up with and crashed with them in their hotel room on Saturday night after the wedding. So much fun!

The Bride and I
She's gettin gorgeous
Me, Shannon, Lisa (the bride) and Lisa B.
3 of the 7 beautiful Bridesmaids: Emily, Becky (my twin), and I
Kristen, me, and Becky
All the bridesmaids and the bride poppin' a squat

I think I did a major number on my liver this weekend, so I will be skipping the adult beverages for oh say, a week or two. And I will be back at the gym :) I'm testing out the little daycare there while I workout.


Meredith said...

Looks like you had a great time. Yay for girl time.