Monday, June 27, 2011

They see me rollin...

Workout Today - 30 day Shred & Biggest Loser Boot camp. Not having a gym sorta sucks, but I make it work.

My Monday has consisted of driving around Safeway's and Winco trying to find empty boxes. For some reason or other, I haven't found any but 2. TWO! When we moved from CA to NC, I got ALL my moving boxes from behind grocery stores. So I called it good after 2 and took my defeated butt home to use the two I had.

After having a photo shoot and a walk with T Money,

"And dis is meye serweus face"
"ha ha! Only kidding mama"
I headed back to la casa to clean. Speaking of "la casa", I cant stop driving by our soon to be house. Even though, I can't really see it from the road, I like to pretend I'm going home. This week I really need to get on he whole picking out the paint colors. That's the very first thing we're doing and if we are moving in in about 1.5 weeks, I need to put the pedle to the metal. In our bedroom right now we have 1 red wall that our bed is against, so I plan on doing the same in our new house.
Please excuse the unmade bed at 1:20 in the afternoon

I am also wanting to get a soft mocha color for Troy's room, and depending on the condition of the rest of the house ( I just can't remember the paint right now), I might get something similar for the rest of the house.

Hope ya'll are having a great day!

My infant is smarter than your honor student


Anonymous said...

Hey if you call Starbucks and ask them to save you boxes they will! Every morning they get quite a few and they are good boxes! :) Check it out! Miss ya!

Shelli said...

A few times I have gone into the grocery store and asked for boxes, they handed them right over! :)

Shelli said...

Try going inside and asking for boxes, that's usually what I do and they hand them right over!

Lizzy said...

Try going to Target first thing when they open. They usually have lots of boxes they smash, but would gladly give away. I don't know what part of Sac you live in, but the West Sacramento Target is friendly and would give you boxes.