Friday, June 17, 2011

Lets Discuss, Shall We?

Okay girls, WTF is up with Kristen Cavallari? She just put out an interview complaining it was hard after she gained weight on The Hills. I mean, seriously Kristen - SHUT the frick up! You gained weight when you were on The Hills? Really, you looked fat in your bikini? I must have missed these pictures where she looked fat.
Was it this picture?

OOOOO or is this the one you were talking about?

Oh I found it, here is the fatty of all fat pictures

Sorry for the rant ladies, but it's kinda silly to me that these obviously GORGEOUS girls and in pretty bangin shape that my husband can only DREAM of me being, complain ***side note - just kidding on that last part - Nickmeister is quite pleased with ma' boda'y :) ***


Anonymous said...

She's a twat.

lilidonna said...

*rolls eyes* someone just wants attention. Because once again, she disappears into oblivion after her reality tv show ends. Think it's time for a day job hun lol

Becky Carter said...

OMfrickinG! Are you kidding me? I could slap her! Ughhhhhh

Lindsey said...

Completely agree .. Kristen STFU! I would kill for her body (& yours for that matter)