Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey ladies! Yeah, soooooo I'm still working the sexy frog voice with my cold. This friggin sucks! I want to workout, I want to feel good, I want to breathe through my nose. Ya know, the basic things in life. So I have been laying low and jacking myself up with Zicam and DayQuil. Oh and I've totally taken full advantage of this cold to eat soup & crap. Seriously, Nick brought me home 2 macadamia cookies from work (One of those babies was polished off as a pre breakfast appetizer with my coffee), and I had spaghetti (with white pasta...I know, the horror!) *I NEVER EAT WHITE PASTA. YA KNOW, THE WHOLE GOING TO WHOLE WHEAT CAUSE IT'S HEALTHIER, DEAL* So I really need to knock all that off.
So guess who is 5 months old today? Obviously I am talking about this little gangsta'

I feel like such a grown up. I have grown up things going on this weekend. Nick and I will be signing some MORE disclosures and forms for our new house (EEK!), then a trip to Home Depot to look at what else? Home stuff - new ceiling fans, maybe some rugs, looking at a new front door, that sorta stuff. Then later Saturday night I will be meeting these lovely girls for some dinner and adult beverages.

These ladies and I grew up together. From Elementary all through High School and we try to get together every other month or so.
Have a great Friday and weekend ladies! I hope to report I'm over my stupid cold come Monday


Tricia said...

He is too cute! hope you feel better soon!