Thursday, June 2, 2011


Seriously ya'll, my poor little dude is hating those shots. Last night after he woke up from his last nap of the day, he was feeling warm, but I chalked it up to him just having blankets on him and a fleece onesie (it was raining and cold here yesterday). So I gave him his bath in a lukewarm water just in case he was spiking a fever. Well that's when it started. My normal fishy baby that loves the water started freaking out 5 minutes in. Almost as if he was in pain. It broke my heart, so I scooped him outta the tub, wrapped him in a towel and just rocked him. He didn't want his bottle or his binky. He was still feeling warm so I took his temp. Twice, just to be sure. 1st time it was 100.2 and then second time was 100.9. So he had spiked a bit of a fever, but its to be expected (I called the pediatrician and he confirmed it was fine). He was up all night (every 2 flippin hours) just being fussy. I felt so bad and I just held him and calmed him down every time he'd wake up, and he'd be fine. Twice he was hungry, but I think he ate one of those times out of comfort.

Today he isn't as feverish, but he is still fussy and just not feeling well. Can I tell you I HATE shots. I believe it's a necessity to keep him protected, but the after effects? Blah! On top of that, I think the boy is still a bit backed up if ya know what I mean. He grunts and grunts and his tummy tightens like he is trying to poop, but nothing happens. So I'm going to switch his formula and see if it helps.

Keep T Money in your thoughts please. No one likes to be feeling blah.


Jenni said...

awww poor thing!!! he will definitely be in my thoughts!

<3 Jenni

erin said...

Aww, poor Troy! And poor Mommy, too.

What formula were you using? The Enfamil Gentlease made Charlotte really constipated, so I was curious to see if that's what you are using.

Mrs. Stethoscope said...

once we switched E to Gerber Good Start "Gentle" she did much better!

I know what you mean with shots, do you give him tylenol? E had such bad reactions we started modifying her vaccine schedule, she still gets all the shots, just (1) at a time, about every three weeks.. it has helped so much, and I give her ibuprofen before the shot, and every 6 hrs after.

Anonymous said...

Aww. Oh no. :(

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

hate when babies get 'backed up' blah! makes for a run day when the gates finally get working again! haha

sorry about the shots. we decided against vac'n when we had lily. makes the well check ups more enjoyable! :o)

Raven said...

shots and little babies is so sad!!! I totally feel your pain. hope he gets back to his old self soon.