Sunday, June 5, 2011

Okay, so...

So last weeks workout updates

So let me 'splain... As you've read, T Money had shots on Wednesday, which left him a cranky/sick boy the rest of the week. I was way too exhausted to get to the gym after waking up every 2 hours every night, so I met with my p/t, Miss Jill, and called it good. I did level 2 each time which is where I feel comfortable enough to do the moves effectively and with proper form and still be challenged.

This week the workout plane is the same as last (sans Shred). On Thursday, I am actually hitting the gym with my BFF Jenni

We are going to be doing some Zumba and shakin what our mommas gave us. Haven't tried the craze known as Zumba? Try it!

So that will be my cardio for Thursday. Besides Monday, it's supposed to be gorgeous out (FINALLY! All we've had is rain), so I'm planning on an outdoor run for Tuesday. And guess what?! I am going to be signing up for a 8 mile run for the end of August, EEEK! I'm pretty nervous. That's the longest distance I've done in an event. The furthest I've ran in an event thus far is 6.2 miles! So I will be needing to train for this little 8 miler ASAP!
Thank you girls so much for the support with Troy. He is doing MUCH better and the doc said he is absolutely 110% a-ok. Just a more extreme reaction to the shots than last time.


Anonymous said...

You go mama! I've been Shredding a lot lately...more than usual. I can FEEL a difference. Love it. :)

I want to try Zumba!

Anna Walker said...

I want to get my 30 day shred from my parents house, buy 10 pound weights and do it so bad, especially because I don't have a gym anymore!