Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Wish you a Merry Christmas

Yeah, so it's that time. That time to start thinking about Christmas girls! If your like me, you've been thinking about Christmas 2011 since, oh.....December 26, 2010! I am always so sad to see the Christmas decor come down, the tree come down, the apple cider leave the shelves at the store....WAH!

This year Shutterfly is doing it again. Im sure many of you bloggers remember last year that Shutterfly was giving away a promotion for free, yes FREE, Christmas cards. Well, this year is no different. I know you all are familiar with Shutterfly. A lot of people have used them for calendar gifts (great gifts for out of town in laws to see their grandkiddos), or even just picture type gifts that are GREAT to use for meaningful gifts for your mom or even hubbinator. Another bonus? Their so easy to use! So that in law thats so hard to shop for? Or how about your great aunt you RARELY see, but want to send a gift of your cute little babe? Go to Shutterfly and hook them up!

I have already scheduled a professional photographer for this years pictures (damn you pumpkin cookies looking so tasty right now!) for 1st week of December. So whatever beautiful pics she shoots, will be going on these cards. Last year Nick and I had a Christmas card similar to this:

Pretty clean and straight to the point, right? That's what I loved about Shutterflys selections - there is something for everyone. I obviously love the more festive in your face designs, but I guess since Im not the only one on the card, I gotta listen to everyones opinions ha!

This year, I'd really like to go for something like this:

or even this:

We'll see what Nick says and I guess it also depends on how the style of the pictures are too. Gotta make it all matchy match.

So are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here: . Like NOW. Go do it!!!


Sarah said...

Oh, thanks for the heads up!!! I got them last year....fingers crossed for this year!

Lizzy said...

I've tried that before, and got it, and the second time they did it, they never got back to me! I was kind of sad about it too. I love the shutterfly cards. They're perfect for Christmas!

erin said...

I was SO excited when I found out Shutterfly was doing this again because I loved our cards from last year! I love their photo books, too.

KimalieLuranne said...

I love this time of the year FALL FOOTBALL and WINTER WISHES!

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