Saturday, October 22, 2011

Of Course!

I miss my longer hair, WAAAAH! I like having something different, but seriously, I miss the length. I was just browsing my current LEGAL addiction, Pinterest, and what do I come across? How to curl your hair with a sock! A SOCK! Sounds crazy, right? Check out the how to video

I have looked at a bunch of other videos and pictures, and this shizz is legit. I have envied women's hair who can have those beautiful curls, since I can't remember. I have never been a hair curler master. Ive maybe curled my hair successfully and had the curls stay all day maybe 4 times in my whole life! No joke. I said on one of my last posts, that I have figured out how to curl my hair with the straightener, so I plan on really perfecting that since I feel like I have some sort of grasp on it.

My hair needs to grow out ASAP, check out these curls from a sock! Anyone ever try this?


erin said...

I saw this on Pinterest, too and want to try it, but I just got a bunch of layers in my hair, so I don't think it would work well right now. Is there a video you watched about curling your hair with the flat iron?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna need to try this. It looks so cute!