Friday, October 21, 2011

Keeping it Real

Wanna know how I plan on staying on track this weekend? Like with my workouts AND food....
My DVR was kind enough to record Making the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader series, alone with my other classy reality shows.

These women are crazy fit, and watching them shake the pom poms makes me think twice about that midnight snack. Does anyone else do that? I honestly will record shows that I know have girls bodies that I envy to keep myself in check. Or if its a weight loss show, it motivates me. Most of my longtime followers know how much I LOVED The Biggest Loser. By far, the most motivating weight loss/get healthy show out there. I haven't watched it since Jillian left.

And honestly, last season, I was sorta over it. Maybe because it seemed like they were having season after season and I was just burned out. I have heard that Anna Kournikova as a trainer is sorta a joke. Super nice? Yeaaaaaaa, I need some mean tough in your face until until you black out Jillian Michaels. Sometimes when Im running, I seriously imagine Jillian Michaels running at me screaming that she will break my arms if I stop. Sounds harsh? This woman has said much worse to me in my fantasy land. I would not be able to deal with these coaches tho.
These women seriously do not hold anything back. Basically, if you have any amount of bloat, your fat.

Do you have any workout goals this weekend? Anything you use to keep you in check? My goals this weekend: run 3 miles & don't go too crazy with eating. "The Body & The Baby 2012" has commenced.


Anonymous said...

My guy and I love to watch the Cowboys cheerleader show! We haven't seen the most recent season though. Those chicas are super serious about cheerleading! I am not quite on board with Jillian. I have a couple of her workout DVDs and they are good, it's just that the whole yelling as motivation just doesn't work for me. I think I'm too stubborn. ☺

JunieB said...

Anna IS a joke on the BL this time around.

Its all I can do to just make it through the 2 hours without throwing something at the tv.

Something tells me she isnt going to be back next time. If NBC is smart she wont.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the Jillian photo ;) I miss her.

KimalieLuranne said...

OMG! I'm also on the fit tip. I just had my baby girl Kailey on 09/10/11 and I'm trying to hard to lose my prego weight. I totally agree with everything you mentioned in this entry.

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