Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Makes Me Wanna Take a Back Road

So I'm nuts when it comes to running. It's not a secret ladies. I actually PAY MONEY to run x amount of miles just for a t shirt and bragging rights. Crazy, right?

Weeeeell, something just happened to pop into my inbox this morning

You read that right - the FAMOUS Shamrock HALF MARATHON - As in 13.1 miles. It's in March, Im not worried, it gives me time to train and it FORCES me to run. So I can't freak out too much, I will commit to training properly

Part of my "training" (or my "get Troy out of the house") plan, is jogging the hills around my house. Lay-dees, I am talking STEEP hills. This is just an example of the incline on one of the 3 (THREE!!!) hills I die up

And I'm also pushing a stroller (no idea how much it weighs) and a 22lb child up them

The incline is great for a nice tight deriere and tight buttocks and quads. Wanna come with? Promise, misery loves company!

Today I took some pics from my jog that I thought I'd share

"Ready dude?"

I had some cheerleaders

...and I had some onlookers waiting for me to drop dead

Thought it would make a cool pic for Instagram

All flat roads from here on out. Welcome to country running ladies!


JMB said...

GET IT GIRL. You have such prettttty scenery to RUN!! ;) I am an avid runner too!! You can easily get obsessed with it! And I loooove that you have a Daisy Mae like ME!! xoxo

babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, oh my! said...

if i can run a half marathon a mommma like you who is in way better shape can do it!! inclines are my enemy but they hurt so good!!

She Speaks said...

Girlfriend! The Shamrock race is a good one...I ran the VA beach Half last year and its a great city. I live in the country too and did ALL my training for my Full on the back roads..think horses, cows, goats and the occaisonal llama. You go girl!

erin said...

You are a rockstar for training with a jogging stroller! I can only run with Char in one for about half a mile before wanting to die.

Hailey said...

Oh my, I am so glad I found your blog :)!!

I just ran my first half a few weeks ago and loved every second of it.

Love your blog. xoxo!