Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I am so excited people!! I bet you were wondering what the big news was that I was talking about in the previous post, huh? Well, wait no more. I GAVE MY 2 WEEKS! Yup, this West coast gal and N and Daisy Mae are heading back home to Cali-for-ni-A for GOOD!! Ahhhh, just typing it feels so good and its out in the open. My boss took it pretty well actually and played it off like he already had a feeling something was going on(yeah right!). My NC Bestie Christine was crying though, so it made me cry cause the truth is, is that I do love Christine and she has been a blessing in so many ways. I needed a friend desperately and she was a friend and more. I will miss a couple of my co-workers. Everyone here was nice to me when I first started and everything, so I guess a girl can't ask for more. I didn't hate my job or where I worked and that is so important, cause you go to work everyday. That is where you spend most of your time, so if you hate it, get out fast! So my last day will be July 31st and Christine is throwing a going away party for me. *Tear* she's the best!! I cannot wait. Now being the drama queen that I am, I plan on wearing the pink feather boa that I have saved on my desk from when I celebrated my birthday last year :D You read right, I wore a pink boa on my birthday last year! Hey! Its MY birthday and I can do or wear whatever I want :D .

I am so tired, but guess what?! Since N and DM and I are moving back like soon, I need to hit the gym hard. My plan is to go in the mornings @ 5, but since an earthquake wouldn't wake me up this morning, I hit the snooze. I have to admit though, I'm actually really excited to go to the gym again cause I haven't gone to the gym in almost 2.5 weeks! Which almost means, I haven't gone tanning!! EEEk!! This California girl is losing that beautiful bronze I worked hard to get, but never fear, I'm hitting the tanning beds too! It's so relaxing. I know, I know all you people who are screaming "HAVEN'T YOU EVER HEARD OF SKIN CANCER?!?!?!" But its an addiction, and its not like I go EVERY FRIGGIN DAY....yet :P. So I'm hitting the treadmill and my plan is intervals for 20 minutes. I printed out this plan and I'm hitting it hard people!! Intervals are amazing. Let me tell you why. You get such a workout and you can do it in a short amount of time. You will walk away with soaked shirt(if your a sweater like me), and you will feel amazing. It keeps your body in top calorie burning mode even when you are resting. Then to the weights! SO IMPORTANT! To all those cardio bunnies, if you want to look like Heidi Klum or Jessica Beil, pick up some lead and work it! You can't just do cardio! Also, strength training is amazing since it tones and makes you stronger. Ladies, you will NOT bulk! You do not have enough testosterone to do this! Oh yes, and then some abs with leg lifts! You better believe this lady is going to be leaving for CA lookin like the trainer she is!! Plus running is such a great de-stresser for me. It just clears my mind and all the aggression or any sort of anything I had on my mind from the day or week or whatever. Its great to find that de-stresser from life, kids, husbands/wives, gf/bf's, work, money, ANYTHING!! What's your de-stresser? Its also so important to do something for YOU. If I don't work out, I usually feel so blah and usually crabby(sorry N). As for today, I need a coke zero bad! Some sort of energy!! I have nothing though, so I'm gonna have to run on pure love for the runs, ha ha!! Have a great Tuesday!! Tomorrow is hump day and brings me closer to my move!! YAYA! SO EXCITED!