Monday, July 20, 2009

California Dreamin runs on Dunkin

Hello lovelies!! How was your guys' weekend? Mine was pretty stressful due to family issues, but we won't go into it. Much Drama!! :) So this morning I woke up super early and last night I went to bed super late, so I really I got like 4 hours of sleep total I think, so since I wanted to sleep rather than wake up and make myself some bfast, I decided to stop by Dunkin donuts to try one of these DDSMART flatbread sandwiches. Now if you know me, you know that I am careful what I eat. I am a future personal trainer and enjoy eating healthy and cutting calories/fats where I can. So I ordered the egg white veggie flat bread sandwhich. IT WAS HEAVENLY!! Seriously.not.kidding. It has: 210 calories and only 9 grams of fat. It was sooo yummy and hot. Since I am a walking zombie in a way, I had to order my UNsweet tea w/lemon. Yes, I said UNsweet. Here in good ol' North Cackalacky, the person who takes my order anywhere always says "UNsweet? You want some sort of sweetener with that?" No gracias, I enjoy that caffeine loaded, bitter tasting(with a splash of lemon) tea of mine. So, this flat bread sandwich has my stamp of approval if your watching your diet (or just don't wanna eat pure grease and fat in the AM...hello McDonalds!!) and your in a rush.

Today is a big day! I got a few things on my plate that I need to work on here at work, but there is something else that's going on today that I will post about tomorrow in case my boss reads my blog, which I doubt he does. I have a lunch meeting with him and our AA, my NC Bestie, Christine. EEEEk!! Got the butterflies cause this is HUGE news!! Monumental! Do you know what it is? Any guesses? Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!