Friday, July 31, 2009

The day has come

Happy Friday all you beautiful people!! I hope you have some great plans for the weekend!

It is always so sad saying "see you later" (I refuse to say goodbye since I KNOW I will be seeing some of these people again). Its my last day at work and they are throwing me a party! So excited about that! What girl doesn't like a party thrown in HER honor? :D Christine and I already exchanged cards. I just love her to so much. We both cried like the silly girls that we are. Thanks to my niece, I had tissues on hand.

Tonight N and I are going to Five Guys since we don't have one on the west coast. Very fresh delicious burgers and fries. They give you the most generous amount of fries that N and I usually end up sharing an order. Then the car shipping people should be coming to get N's car and then we'll back the rest of my car up. We were talking about it this morning and I am going to be up at........2:45 AM!!!! I'm sure your reading this saying "Why the heck are you waking up at 2:45AM when you don't have to leave till 4?!" Well I'll tell you. I have to be up so I can shower, blow dry and straighten my hair and apply at least some mascara and stuff. I have to be presentable. It bugs me not to be and I'll feel really frumpy. I know, I'm weird like that :D