Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So being the NC bestie that Christine is, she brought me flowers and a Congrats balloon! Congrats for what you may ask.......I PASSED MY FINAL PERSONAL TRAINING EXAM! You are now reading the blog of an ISSA certified personal trainer!!!! So instead of MD at the end of my name like others may have, mine will be CPT! So excited!! I have to admit I was super nervous and knew if I didn’t pass it would kill me, but I did! I passed with a 90% even!! Thank you VERY Much! I will post pictures tonight of the balloon and flowers. She is just so thoughtful sometimes :D They are fresh flowers out of her garden and that is Christine's fetish if you will. Anything home and garden! I have been to Costco many times with this girl and she is hypnotized at the site of the garden section. Those are just the ABC's of her and she's so awesome because of it!

So there was no gym this morning. I tell you people, I was so tired this morning; it was as if I had been drinking all night or something (I was NOT just to throw it out there). So that means its the gym for this afternoon after work :D Last night I packed up all of N and mine's clothes and was FORCED to choose only a few pieces of clothes to wear between now and the time we get back home to California. That is so hard for me to do, cause I just never know if I will want to wear the black maxi dress instead of running shorts in the car ride. Both comfortable and practical. We're stopping in Denver to see N's madre(that is Spanish for mom for those of you who don't speak espanol). That should be fun, we haven't seen her since last year. We're spending the night

at her house and then back on the trail and we should be back home within 8 hours after that!! Oh I am so excited!! My bestie since 4 years old, is going to be in the area, but only for a brief moment so she wants to stop by just to hug me! She is pregnant and a gorgeous one at that! I haven't seen her since like 2007! That is just 2 years too long! I'm so excited to see my other bestie bon bon. I haven't seen her since last year when I flew home and she was pregnant then! I get to meet her beautiful baby girl! Ahhh so many things I'm looking forward too. Especially a nice glass(or 2 or 3) of wine with my mama and sister when we get there!!

Have a great hump day everyone!! It’s a

lmost Friday!!

Me, NC Bestie Christine, and Miss Jill

My balloon and flowers