Friday, July 24, 2009

bitter sweet

I have worked here for 2.5 years. By far the longest job I've ever been at. My NC bestie Christine put it best today when she said "it is sad. Its like the last chapter to a good book and no one likes it when a good book ends". Something like that, but pretty dang close. It is just so true. Today I was so bummed. More bummed than I thought I would be. I was crying over stupid things. I'm really going to miss Christine. My boss too, even though him and I have had some serious ups and downs, I know he cares about me and wants me to be happy in CA. I really am, I am so excited to move back its I just hate hate hate saying goodbye. Christine has been one of the bestest friends I could ever ask for. She's only been here since September, but she means the world to me and I want to thank her for making coming to work so much better.

Enough depressing stuff. I totally flaked on the gym this am. I don't know why I was so tired, but I was and there was no waking me up. I really wanted to go too. I want to go running, but don't want to have to go back and change then go to the gym. So I think I'm gonna do a workout DVD. Maybe the Shred. Then I'll go tomorrow(Saturday yay!!!) and run & do legs tomorrow. N and I have to go get oil changes tomorrow, but as for that we got nada planned. Any suggestions? I don't think there are any movies in the theater we really wanna watch. Hmm.....what are YOU doing tomorrow? I really really wanna lay out, but got no where to lay out lol

Have a great weekend lovelies!!