Monday, July 13, 2009

Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays

How was everyone's weekend?! Mine was pretty chill..didn't do much of anything. I am so tired. I notice that if I go to bed at total opposite times, I drag during the day and nothing can wake me up. Mama is getting herself a nice large coke zero in about 10 minutes. Its only noon and I have 5 more hours of work. Point is: I NEED to wake up! This weekend N and I played World of Warcraft :) Now don't laugh!! I have officially crossed over. I'm a WoW nerd :) It really isn't as bad as I thought, even though I hate admitting it. I used to look at N like an addict, but now its one of our favorite things to do together. And we really do do it together. Our characters go on quests together. GEEZ even THAT last sentence sounded nerdy, lol. Oh well! I love it! Do you do nerdy/embarrassing things with your significant other??? So anyways, we stayed up till like 2AM every night. Then last night we went to bed at like 9:30, and it threw off my whole sleeping clock. I hate it cause I treated myself to turning in early and this is how my body repays me?! By making me a complete zombie the next day! O and by the way, its raining and dark outside. PERFECT snuggling under the blankets weather. Hope everyone's Monday goes good! I promise I'll have a better attitude tomorrow. I just got a serious case of the Mondays.