Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I've been looking at my work clothes lately and I think I need to refresh a bit. Like not buy a totally new wardrobe, but I can tell I've gotten comfortable wearing the same things that are too comfortable rather than keep a polished look. Especially since I've lost weight (and hopefully I'll keep losing), my paints get loose. Like these one black high-waisted sailor looking pants I Have are super cute, but waaaay to baggy now since I've lost weight. Since I mentioned it, I wanna give a shout out to sparkpeople. Not gonna tell you about it cause you have to go there yourself, but I will say that if you want to lose weight or just want to live healthier, go there immediately. My problem is, is that I will wear a certain pair of pants or shoes until they die, and before they completely die, they look unprofessional from all the wear and tear. So, I'm want to get a few things to revamp my style a bit for work. Get a couple new blouses and maybe a dress and/or carpi's for work. I got a couple new pairs of shoes cause I was wearing the same ol' shoes over and over and the seams were all coming undone and it was majorly embarrassing, but not anymore. Check out the new additions :)

Aren't they cute?! I had a pair of black pointy toe pumps that I'm starting to break in too, but have been too afraid cause I'm a baby about my feet hurting. Back onto clothes. I'm a Forever 21 whore! I admit it, I love the store. I'm 22 and until I can no longer fit (please God make it never!) in clothes at F21, I will shop there. GREAT prices and great clothes. I do want to get a couple tops there for work and such cause they have amazing deals and they are still age appropriate while still being "business casual". Any suggestions for on a budget, but still age appropriate/business casual wardrobe? Suggestions please :)