Monday, September 21, 2009

Ha ha Mondays

Did you get through it? The inevitable Mondays! If I am being honest, my Monday actually went really good. I woke up feeling tired, but I went to bed before 10 last night which I never do (I should note it felt amazing) and woke up at 5 AM sharp to begin my run. I pulled on my FILAS running pants, pulled up my socks, laced up my shoes and set out to wake up my bf Tread Mill. He was awake of course (he always seems ready to go. A huge perk with him ;)) and turned on the best thing that was on TV....SELENA!! O I used to watch this movie all the time when I was growing up. I LOVE Selena's songs and I think Jenny from the block did a great job portraying her. Made those 3.15 miles go back like that! After my morning routine of coffee, shower, coffee, hair, coffee, make up, coffee & bfast, I was out the door! I drove with a kick ass attitude today which never really happens on a Monday. I was listening to a Girls Scout of America commercial which had me think of a email I got last week from a co worker. Once that email was in my brain, everyone on highway 50 probably looked over to my car in the traffic and their coffee mug in hand thinking "I'll have what she's having". So ladies and gent's. I present to you, the best way to start a morning. LAUGH!!

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