Friday, September 18, 2009

Not dead!

Alas, I have no fallen off the face of this earth, but have been training my firm ass off! Whew, what a huge process this is. My office is really cool. There are 8 people inncluding me who work there, but this office could easily fit 8 more people. I have worked in all sorts of sizes when it comes to employee's, but I will say that I prefer smaller better. You get to know every single person. After the 1st day, I already knew everyone's names (snaps for Karli!). The office manager (my training guru) has off Thursday, Friday and Monday. When I heard about this and the fact I would be by myself after 2 days of training, my eyes almost instantly started welling up with tears. But never fret faithful readers, for I have the gift of grabbing the bull by the horns and hanging on :D. Today was actually not too bad, but I am not letting down my guard yet for tomorrow or Monday. Speaking of tomorrow, working gives you such an appreciation for the weeekends. I am so tired tonight (which is why I am keeping this short), and what I would give to just give to be able to sleep till 8 am tomorrow! Ahh, the good ol' unemployment days, ha ha. The sucky side of unemployment is no health insurance or money, so I'll take working thanks very much :)

So far I really like the people and my boss. He likes certain things done a certain way and I am going to try really hard not to mess up cause I don't like disappointing people. Its like Bestie since I was 4 years old told me, "Your new, its to be expected your going to have a few mistakes". SOOO true.

I know this blog is short and sweet, but I PROMISE to update more this weeekend. I am just so looking forward to getting in bed before 10, he he!!