Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beauty Giveaway!!

The lovely Jen has a giveaway on her blog! Look at the great stuff she is giving away:

You can visit her blog at . Her blog is one of my favorites to watch.

Speaking of beautifying things, it is after Labor Day which means summer is coming to an end, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I do love summer, but I love Fall and Winter even more. I LOVE wearing cozy sweaters and jeans and boots and having that hot mocha or hot apple cider. Plus Christmas is my favorite holiday. I just love the decorations and putting up the Christmas tree. Just the whole ritual of everything makes me happy and more jolly. The hard work of trying to burn off what I am taking in, not so much. In the spirit of it starting to cool off and transition into Fall at the end of this month, I have decided to go back brunette with my hair. Last winter and I did brown and at first it freaked me out cause I've never been anything, but Playboy bunny blonde. However N loved it (it was like another woman w/out the cheating, ha ha) and it grew on me. I always felt that I needed another color in my hair though. So this past weekend when I was with Bestie since 4 years old, she helped me with that dilema. I have decided to go black on the underneath part of my hair and dark chocolate brown on the top. Right now its blonde ontop and brown underneath and I LOVE the 2 tone look + it solves my dilema with needing more than 1 color in my hair. Oh and also, my hair will get a break from the blonde fried-ness. I totally fried my hair a few months ago when I tried to bleach my roots TWICE IN 2 DAYS and it fried off some hair. I don't have a bald spot or anything, its just too short of a layer now on top. Since I WAS unemployed(cause I am NOT anymore haha!!), I just throw it up in a jaw clippy thing after the shower and let it air dry and I don't dry it out with a hair dryer and straightner. My friend who is a hair dresser and who is actually going to do my hair for me this fall, recommended this product to me called K Pak and its by Joico. Its like a deep conditioner that she recommends I use 2x a week. It has protein and will love my hair long time.

Do you guys have a special hair regimen that you like? I need something to help nurish my hair and help it grow! I am already taking prenatals, and its helped a tad.

This means I get to take a trip to my favorite beauty store, Ulta!! I need to get more shampoo anyways and they have crest whitening strips cheaper there than Target. Gotta have that peertty smile for my new job :)