Sunday, September 13, 2009

New happenin's

I hope everyone's weekend went great. I had a very relaxed weekend. I didn't work out at all- GASP!! I know!! HOWEVER- On Saturday N and I went and got him signed up with a new phone plan with AT&T and got him an iphone 3GS! SO jealous! I want one so bad (with a hot pink rubber outer cover of course). I am hoping to get one for my birthday. Hint Hint to N...not that he doesn't know :D!

Oh and we signed up for California Family Fitness Gym!! How wonderful is this gym?!

It has SO many things to offer. Its open from 4:30 AM-12AM and it has 2 pools(HEATED!!) a spa, a food court, sauna/steam rooms booko workout equipment, classes(What I am super excited about!!) and TV's on all the cardio equipment :) I couldn't be happier. Oh and we'll have access to ALL of the clubs!! We got a really great deal thanks to a friend of mine who works there! I am so excited! Since I start my new job on Tuesday, I will be going to the gym tomorrow for sure!! The days of running on in the hot sweat room in my parents extra room are coming to an end, ha ha!! I think I am going to make my own mini schedule of what classes I want to do and when I just want to work out on my own. The guy who signed us up told us that we each have 3 free personal training sessions if we wanted, but N wants me to make a program for him, which I thought would be fun. The only bummer is we won't really be able to work out with each other except on the weekends since N will be working 12:30pm- 9:30pm M-F for the next 3 months.

Things are falling into place people!! Such a great feeling!! Its so great to be back in California. N and I have been back since the beginning of August and its like I never left! I couldn't be more happier!

This week I start my job and I am really excited. I talked to the office manager the other day and she said that they have a luncheon/initiation party on the first day they ever have someone new start and that person gets to pick a restaurant of their choice and we order in. I think that is a fabulous idea since it won't be that awkward "Hi." when someone walks by my desk. I have confidence that I will pick everything up, but starting a new job has always made me nervous just cause its the whole learning new things and developing new relationships with people. I will let you all know how it goes. I got GREAT deals at Ross and Marshalls last week when I went and got some new work clothes.

Tomorrow I am expecting a phone call from mine and N's realtor! EEEK!! So excited about this!! I will be discussing our wants and needs in a house and neighborhood. I am so excited!! I am going to also call her lender she really likes and see how much we can get pre-qualified for! So excited about this!!

I will be blogging from bed with my cup of coffee in bed tomorrow. My last day tomorrow as an unemployed woman enjoying her cup of coffee lazily in bed with the laptop on a Monday morning :)