Saturday, September 19, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

How is your Saturday going? Mine has gone splendid. Its 8:35pm and I plan on staying up until 12am! WOO HOO! I am such a rebel :) Ya see I am having lunch tomorrow with a good friend tomorrow, so I am not going to be able to make it to church which in turn will give me some sleeping in time.

I finished my first full week at work and man, was it draining!! I had sooo many things to learn and certain people in my office are super picky on how things are done. Which just adds to the stress even more cause I want to make a good impression since techincally I am on my 90 day probatio. Which mean after 90 days, I am up for review and I could get a raise :) Over all I think I am doing great and people like me. I just hate being the new person. I hate having to hold back who I realy am (fun loving of course! he he) until I get to know everyone's personality. I was so tired when I got home (was so used being able to sleep in) that I didn't even get to work out!! So today I had a plan of yoga and an ab attack class planned at my new gym! I actually ended up just running about 2 miles and doing some weights. Pretty much 2 sets of squats, leg lifts, leg extensions. I didn't feel my grove today which shocked me since I hadn't worked out for a whole week. You'd think I'd be in the mood. My brain was there, my heart was on vaca, following me on this one? I was really bummed about this cause yesterday I was totally into it and all excited since I was gonna be doing some yoga (LOVE IT!), but alas, not the case this morning. So tomorrow I plan on running my 3 miles before I go have lunch with my friend. So this weekend, I will most def be making it up.

Oh and tonight N and I met up with Bestie Bon Bon and her hubby and little baby Aly for some dinner at this place called Islands. SOOO delicious and they give you bottomless fries. I LOVE fries and I never get them since I try to be good and get a side salad, but I decided to treat myself :) O and did I mention they have the best margaritas?! DEEELISH. We sat and talked forever and then even went out to the cars and talked some more till poor little Aly was fussing since it was close to her bed time.

Have a great Saturday night blogger world!!