Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And that's a wrap

This weekend was packed -- and unpacked. I love long weekends where you feel accomplished and get everything done that needs to be done. First things first--

Friday night- came home and finished packing everything up. I then realized how much crap I actually have and how much I needed to toss.

Saturday- lets just say "God bless my parents!" . Seriously, they were such an amazing force to have there. They moved EVERYTHING for me. Nick was at work, so I needed the help. Saturday was a hot one too, so carrying boxes and boxes of stuff down stairs and then across the parking lot to the new apartment was no walk in the park. My gma came over for a bit and had lunch with us and help me unpack kitchen stuff. I LOVE that I have a bigger kitchen now. It'll come in handy for when the baby comes since they seem to have lot of bottles, sippy cups, etc. Oh and don't get me started on our nice bigger dining room. All Nick has to do now is hang the paintings and mirrors and we're in business.

Sunday - Nick had 4th of July off. So I made us a bomb breakfast, and I ran off to church while he stayed back and did the man stuff and hooked all the speaker stuff up. Then we did what most Americans do on 4th of July - laid by water and BBQ'd. The belly and I just wanted a good ol fashion American hot dog, corn on the cob and some potato salad. We were both pleased :)

Monday - So guess what I went and saw with Bestie Bon Bon? ECLIPSE!! Okay, so I have NOT read all of the books, in fact I only read the 1st one, Twilight. It was really good and made the movie a whole lot better. The 2nd movie was good, and Eclipse I'm rating a 7.5 outta 10. It was good, but not GREAT in my opinion. And can I just say, I am officially Team Jacob (if I was 13 and picked teams like that). I know ladies, some of you think he has a pig nose, but he is so much more my type than Edward. I love the things Edward has to say to Bella, but Jacob? He is that bad boy who will always keep you warm. Let's appreciate the LEGAL hottness that is Taylor Lautner, shall we?

Now, where were we? So after a little Taylor Lautner drooling and cursing Kristen Stewarts acting under my breath, I headed to Home Goods and Marshalls to get some new furniture for the place with my mom. We had some GREAT luck with finds -- thanks mamacita for a fabulous Monday afternoon.