Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Well folks, the title explains it all. I've had a very lazy Sunday, but yesterday I was busier than Mel Gibsons lawyer. I made it to the gym by 9 as my swim aerobics (aka dancing with the oldies in water) was from 9 to 10. This class is a lot of fun actually. It's a great way to wake up and to preggo's like me, it's a great low impact workout. It's more challenging that you'd think to. You work with water weights as well as your own body weight. There is generally always some body part that is sore the next day. After that I towled off, jumped into my 'no messing around' gear (yoga pants, tanks and my Nike Shox, of course) and knocked out a 2.5 miler on the tread. Let me just throw this little tid bit in there - it is so much harder to workout while trying to grow another life. I run out of breath quicker and need more H2o. Thank God the benefits are uh-mazing. I walked away looking like my face was melting off and headed for some yoga. They have a yoga class from 11-12 and it is with my favorite instructor, Jeanette. Girlfriend knows what she's doing. Not only does she relax you, but she also tones your gams without you realizing it. Another class I walk away with a body part being sore from.

After all my other domestic chores after my 2.5 hour gym sesh, Nick and I had dinner and went bowling with bestie Jenni and her hubbs. 1 word - competition. Nick and I are competitive in no matter what we do and from the looks of last night, Bestie's husband is too. And Nick and I are NOT good losers...don't worry, we won :)



Anonymous said...

Ok... so did you and Bestie BonBon coordinate your clothes? You both look so beautiful and you match! And who didn't tell Nick to wear jeans and black? It looks like you all had fun!

californiadreamin said...

haha I know, we totally didn't realize we'd both be wearing zebra print :)