Monday, July 12, 2010

I have seen what Heaven looks like I have died and gone to Heaven! Over my years of browsing on Forever 21, I had NEVER seen they have a Maternity line!!! You have no idea how exciting this is to me. I love F21 and to know they have a Maternity line? Fu-get-about it! I'm lost in love. My dad once offered to buy me maternity clothes (he likes to spoil hehe), I wonder if the offer is still open?

Cardigan $19.80

Shirt $10.80

Chiffon cardigan $27.80

Essential preggo tank (great for layering) $4.80

Jeans $13.80

I can't get over those amazing prices!! I likey, I likey!!



Brittany said...

These clothes are too cute and the prices can't be beat! Hope your dad buys you some :)

californiadreamin said...

haha me too, but if he doesn't, I will be doin some shopping :)