Friday, July 9, 2010

Eventful evening

Some people need to watch their cats dang it! Nick and I were just relaxing out on our new patio last night, BBQ'ing some brats when Daisy came out to chillax with us. There was a cat on the other side of our fence and Daisy LOVES cats, so she started to play with it from under the fence when BAM! She let out the biggest yelp. Thinking she just got a small swat on the nose, Nick and I kinda laughed, but when she walked over to us the laughing stopped. My babies eye was bleeding!!!! I panicked thinking that stupid lion cut my dog's eye.

After examining, it was just the inside of her eye lid (thank GOD!) and I quickly called my mom to see what I should do. After a water bath in the eye, some saline eye drops and eye ointment, she was good to go. Oh, and after some french fries, she was even better :)