Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Woosh woosh woosh

Today is my 2nd OB appointment and today is the heart beat appointment! I get to hear the woosh woosh woosh! Nick is going to record the appointment, so I'll figure out a way to upload the video on here so all of you can hear what I get to hear. It's going to be so real HEARING the heart beat. Seeing the baby made it really hit home, but hearing the heart beat, why that's magic my friends. Something that's not magic? Looking at how much weight I've gained. I know, I'm SUPPOSED to gain weight and this is the time where I should feel totally at ease to gain weight. However, I'm not wanting to look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man

I feel like weight wise I'm doing good, but I get weighed today so the doctor will let me know. My guess is I've gained 5 lbs. Let's talk workouts -- what my blog was started for -- to motivate myself to keep working out, stay healthy and just have a healthy life overall. Workouts have been going great - especially these past 2 weeks. Here is what my schedule is looking like at the moment:

Monday: walk on my lunch break (roughly 2.5 miles)
Tuesday: 30 minute jog on tread + upper body strength
Wednesday: 30 minute jog on tread + back workouts
Thursday: Off
Friday: 20 minute jog or elliptical on lunch break
Saturday: 1 hour swim aerobics, 30 minute jog or elliptical, 1 hour yoga

I feel really good. I'm listening to my body and staying hydrated and making sure I'm eating all the right foods. So far so good! Off to my appointment - I'll blog more tonight about the appointment