Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st Ultrasound

So my appointment yesterday went really really good! Nick was with me the entire step of the way, he and was a champ! Let me just say that I LOVE my doctor and everyone in her office. Everyone is so nice and just makes me feel so comfortable. We didn't get to hear the little beans heart beat, but my doctor measured the rate and it was 174 -- that thing was tickin away! The most amazing thing I've ever seen and at that moment I fell in love with my baby. Oh and Nick COULD see the difference between the head, body, arms and legs and he could even see the heart flicker on the screen. Our little bean was so active and even at one point was doing a headstand sorta move. So this means that if its a 'she', she'll be a natural at gymnastics and if it's a 'he', well he will be able to press his own weight, easy.

My doctor went over all the normal stuff that OB's go over with you and stuff/tests I have the option to do in my 1st and 2nd trimesters, etc. I got to ask my list of questions to her and I was SO happy with the answers. I'm not going to be a total deprived mama to be like I thought I'd have to be :)

After that Nick and I headed straight to CVS to make our announcement cards that we're mailing out today. Then of course, we made a b line to red lobster for some crab legs :) The belly and I were very happy

*** Due to being at work, I will upload the pics of the u/s when I get home****** Can't wait to share them with you all :)