Sunday, August 22, 2010

19 weeks -- better late than never

(This picture was caught at a bad moment, but I wanted to give you all a look to what my belly looks like as of yesterday)

I have been busier than Joe Francis during Springs break this weekend. Pics to come tomorrow, but I had a baby shower, birthday party, gym, grocery shopping, laundry and it goes on and on. Tuesday is our check up appointment, and then next week is the big appointment!! So lets get moving on my 19 week update shall we?

How big is the baby- The baby bean is about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches long. About the size of an heirloom tomato. *Side note: it sounds horrible since it was just compared to my child, but a giant tomato with some salt and pepper sounds mighty tasty right now*

Weight gain? I'll find out Tuesday how much weight I've gained since last month, but this belly is taking over my front side, so I'm sure it'll be at least a pound

Stretch Marks? Nope, still slathering on a combo of cocoa butter and Olive Oil in the evening, and just cocoa butter in the mornings. Also hydrating like a mo fo

Maternity Clothes? Oh yeah baby. I'm in maternity pants and shirts, but can still wear regular shirts. Since I'm a blonde, I thought that my maxi dresses would never not fit me. I mean, they stretch, right? Right, but uh, when something stretches forward, it gets tighter on my derriere'. Not the best look for a business casual work environment. Unless I am going to be standing on the corner, I have to do a few mirror checks before going to work in these babies.

Sleep? I could sleep 9-10 hours and be happy, but 11 would be even better. It can be a hit or miss though when it comes to falling back asleep after my 2nd pee of the night.

Best Moment of the Week? Had a really fun time seeing all my friends with their babies in one place at a baby shower yesterday. Makes me so excited to meet my little bean. It also made my week that my baby bean can now hear my heart beat as well as voices outside the belly. I'm going to start reading the belly Winnie the Pooh. Nick on the other hand doesn't think this new baby feature could come at a better time -- football season started and I am sentenced to the spot next to him on the couch for EVERY Broncos game so our baby can hear it.

Food Cravings? Ice Cream!! Still sweet stuff. Like Apple pie, mmmmmmm

Name? Olivia Karen or Troy Maximus. We find out next Wednesday!!!!

Movement? It's still here and there, I'm waiting for the monster kicks! Mark my words, I'll probably complain when I can't get sleep because of the kicks, but I'm ready. I want to be thrown off my balance from these kicks, haha

What I Miss? Not really anything. Of course I wish I could just whip up a margarita, but nothing compared to how much I am loving being pregnant at the moment.

Fun Fact? That chalky white stuff that you see on babies when they come out (vernix) is now forming. Gotta protect that delicate baby skin from turning into a prune for the next 18-22 weeks. Oh another fun but scary fact? I am halfway done with pregnancy #1, this blows my mind!

*This position looks like it is so uncomfortable*



Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Aw too cute! I totally thought the same thing about maxi dresses as my gf's loved them when they were preggo but I kept thinking they would be tight on the butt too.

Anna Walker said...

How exciting! The size of a tomato...weird but fun, AND why is there a quarter next to the tomato in the picture?

A Real Housewife said...

you're looking amazing!! can't wait to hear if you're having an Olivia or a Troy! feeling the big kicks didn't start until much later on for me, like week 26. i was starting to get worried for a while! it is such an amazing feeling, though. =)

californiadreamin said...

@Anna: the tomato next to the quarter is's way of showing you how big a heirloom tomato really is.