Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To eat or not to eat - that has never been my question

Lately I am hungry every hour. I don't want just a snack here and there, I want a MEAL every 2 hours!
As most of you know I am in luuurve with True Blood....and one of the stars Ryan Kwanten

(Your welcome for that little yum yum)

One of the other stars, Kristin Bauer (who plays naughty vampire, Pam) has recently come out as saying that as long as she's in front of a camera, she will always be hungry.

She was interviewed by Movieline and said:
"The other day I realized as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to be hungry," says Bauer, 36. "The camera really does add 10 pounds. I'm trying to stay under the weight I want to look like on TV. It's a good incentive to stay slim and is probably adding years to my life... I'm vegetarian, so I live on carbs, but it's always an effort. After any wardrobe fitting, I hit the gym three times more than the week before."

Thoughts? I love food way too much to give up food, but maybe if I could star next to this sexy vamp, I just might step away from Ben and Jerry's....??



Marian said...

Ahhh...I absolutely love True Blood...especially Erik and that dreamy new wolf:)

Fried Pink Tomato said...

Haha!! I would eat when you are hungry... but instead of the full meal make it a healthy snack. At least that will help a little bit!

Abbey said...

Love True Blood! :)
I agree...if you're hungry, go ahead and eat. Even though you may want a meal all the time, maybe take one aspect/item of food of that specific meal you're craving and eat that or make a small snack including that certain food.

Anonymous said...

I love Ryan, but Alexander is the sexiest.