Monday, August 23, 2010

Coming home

Coming home after a day at the office is always my favorite time of day, what's not to like? To top it off, Grill Master Nick is coming home to grill us some yummy steaks that I have been marinating since last night. Some Montreal steak seasoning, some Ken's steakhouse italian dressing and a concoction of other things. This all sounds like the best way to top off a day right? Well imagine my surprise when I find this little baby in the mail from my great friend Alicia from High School.

I encourage you all to head on over to this girl's blog by clicking here

Another thing that came in the mail today? My new uber sexy belly button ring for preggo's such as myself


The belly button starting to pop out

And the newbie

Not the sexiest little piece, but it'll keep that piercing open so when I get that stomach back all nice and tight after the baby bean arrives, I can put a nice one in

And just for good measure, moi!



Katie said...

aww Karli, your soo cute!
I didnt know they had belly button rings for pregnant ladies. Thats good to know :) Can you believe I've had mine 10 years already thats nuts!! & mine never bothers me so I dont plan on taking it out anytime soon. and that was so nice of your friend to give you a CS giftcard, I lovee their ice cream! your a lucky girl

Alicia said...

One of my favorite things about these pictures you post besides your adorable belly is whats gonna be on the TV! I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet friend!

Is that new bar supposed to stay in throughout the entire pregnancy?

californiadreamin said...

@Katie - Yeah, I was told by a lot of people I would have to take out my belly button ring which bummed me out cause it hurt like a Bi*$h to get it and I want to keep it. Then my OB told me about the pregnancy bars :)
@Alicia- it's always food network haha
@Hannah- yup, it stays in the entire pregnancy so the piercing won't close :)