Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teen Mom recap

Lets discuss this show for a brief second shall we? I'm not sure if you are all following this season or not, so for those of you who aren't just ignore this post :)

Farrah- the more I watch this girl, the more frustrated I get. I cut her slack because she is a young mom, but I have known young moms and they don't act like this. It's as if she expects her 1.5 year old to understand adult things. Example: When Farrah walks away from her bedroom to talk on the phone to her banker, she leaves the baby on the bed. Mmmk, now I'm going to be a first time mom, and even I know, this is as smart as leaving Snooki in a room full of Cristal and expecting her not to drink.

So what do we hear when Farrah is in the other room? THUNK!! Yup - baby fell right off the bed. And Farrah, Im trying to cut you slack since your mom just busted your lip and your family doesn't seem to be the most stable and you don't have much to learn from, but cmon sweety, get it together and grow up.

Amber- I actually agree'd a lot with Amber this episode. When Gary and her were at his parents for Easter dinner, his family started trashing hers. Not okay. You better bet your bottom dollar if this ever happened to me, Nick would be stepping up and saying something to his family (and if not, you can bet I would haha). So Gary gets his panties all in a twist for how SHE'S acting! Ummm no Gary, don't be a push over and let your family know it's not okay. On a side note about Amber- does it bug anyone else how dramatic she is, even when it comes to kissing Gary? She gets these what I'll call 'crazy passionate eyes'. I have to turn my head every time. And another thing, it bugs the crap out of me when she gets all frustrated and acts super stressed out when her 1.5 year old cries. Ummm, babies do that sweetheart, get over it.

Maci - This girl the most mature out of the whole bunch. She's going to school, works, and takes care of her son w/out giving a sob story about how hard it is. Enough said

Catelynn and Tyler - Okay Tyler is another one who needs to get over his insecurities and put his big boy panties on. I get it that Catelynn lied about talking to her ex, and probably a lot more they don't show on the show, but him wanting to check up on her phone records and then be all mean about mistakes she's made? Cause your so perfect, Tyler? Yup, you got some growing up there to do, son. They used to be my favorite couple on the show, but now, not so much. I do feel super bad for Catelynn though and her living situation cause her living environment doesn't look like it's the best.



Mrs.Vid said...

I agree with everything you just said. Farrah's attitude this season has pissed me off. The way she acts toward Michael is so inappropriate.
Maci is by far the most mature and she definitely has the most going for her.

Erin said...

I totally agree with you and pretty much everything!! Love this show!
Congrats on being preggo! :)

Bree said...

Yes, agreed with everything! Love the show! Amber drives me crazy, she is one psycho yelling screaming girl, that's for sure.
I couldn't believe when Farrah left her daughter on the bed, clearly that was waiting to happen. And a couple episodes before, she left her daughter in the hallway when she was moving stuff into her apartment..umm!?

Syndal said...

I Love Maci. I think she's awesome. I get so scared watching Farrah leaving her baby by herself in scary spots! I think 2 weeks ago she was in the sink by herself and turned the hot water on! :( At least some camera people are there to help watch her!

Alyssa said...

I love how gangter Tyler tries to be - he cracks me up!