Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday eve

How's everyone Thursday AM going? I walk in this morning to work to find that someone tried to break in last night and shattered one of our giant windows - lovely, no?

Not much new to report ladies and gents - I have however been ROCKING the gym with this preggo belly of mine. Everyday this week I've gone to the gym on my lunch break and done 30 minutes of cardio, and then Tuesday and Wednesday, Nick dawg and I have gone after work to do some more cardio and some weights. Feels SO good! I just feel overall better and it gives me a little more zip when I have to finish off the work day. Plus, I don't feel as guilty when I get an extra scoop in my ice cream bowl. I will say, all of this 'keeping my workouts up while pregnant' thing, better pay off in the end. It's SOoooO much harder working out when you are growing another life. I get out of breath way faster, and I'm constantly paranoid about my heart rate sky rocketing, so I'm keeping track of the ticker. All while trying to keep the jiggleness at bay - it's t-o-u-g-h!

So it being Friday eve and all, I know my readers have already begun to think of weekend plans!!! Any plans? I'm going get a tan on my pasty ass on Saturday (supposed to be a toasty 95 here in Sacramento) and then Nicky poo and the fam and I are headed to............LAKE TAHOE!!! My aunt and uncle have a cabin right on the lake and it's absolutely gorgeous! Love me some family time :) We'll be takin some pics for sure! It'll only be for a day and a half, but I'll take it!



Fried Pink Tomato said...

Working out preggo is very impressive!! Wish I did the same! I have decided carrying around the extra weight counts as my workout. hehe!

-MissC* said...

I'm a new follower! Found you in Sacramento Blogs.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i feel weird doing the elliptical pregnant...i'm always wondering..."is the baby trying to sleep and really ticked off at me right now?" haha

good for you! you before picture rocks! i'm sooo envious!

Tales of a young mamma said...

I love your blog and I'm a new follower!

californiadreamin said...

HAHA Laura, I was worried about that till my OB was like "Karli, the baby is fine!" haha

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Lake Tahoe, but it's one of the places I'm dying to visit.