Monday, August 2, 2010

New week, New day, New MONTH

Good morning and happy Monday to you all- I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I had a great Saturday and an okay Sunday. Saturday was so much fun with Bestie Jenni (aka Bon Bon)- I met her at the gym and we did our swim class, ran for about 40 minutes, and then did yoga for an hour. Our swim aerobics instructor never showed up, so the gym brought the music and water weights and let us just do our own thing in the pool. I was doing something right since the next morning I woke up and could feel it in my shoulders. After our sweat sesh and we were all zen heading outta yoga, we headed to lunch for our munch sesh. It was really not that bad here in the state capital city weather wise - until later.
Sunday Nick and I woke up ready to meet Bestie Jenni and her hubby and two little girls for a bike ride (the guys rode the bikes, the girls jogged- Jenni with her stroller). Without explaining the whole story, it was quite an adventure. We had some miscommunication going on, and some cranky babies, you know the fun stuff. Haha, it really wasn't all that bad :) The rest of my Sunday was just eh. You ever have a day off and you don't really do anything to make the best of it. The whole day you sorta just sit around and are like "What do you wanna do?" and your significant other doesn't really have an answer so you guys just do nothing? Then before you know it, Sunday is over and the work week is upon us, BLA! But whatev, it's all good - it's a new week and my mom comes back from Mexico (tonight!!) and my sister and niecey poo come back from North Carolina! They have been gone for so long. On Wednesday my sister and niece fly in so we're headed for some brunch to catch up and hang out the rest of the day - SO excited
Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend and make it a FABULOUS week!



Ms. Emily Ann said...

Cute blog! And it sounds like you had a great weekend. Sometimes it's best to just do nothing on Sunday... relax a bit :) Plus it sounds like you'll have a fun, busy week with your family!

Katie said...

Karli!! I hope little bean is treatng their mamma good and your feeling great!
I left you an award on my blog!